Wood Ash Rye Restaurant Review

Modern American | St. George | $$$

Wood Ash Rye

25 W St George Blvd
St. George, UT 84770
(435) 522-5020
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Wood Ash Rye is a relative newcomer to the scene in St. George. Opened in early 2020, this restaurant/bakery/lounge is located inside The Advenire Hotel in downtown St. George.


Ok full disclosure, Wood Ash Rye is one of our top 3 favorite restaurants in St. George. We love their food! The menu is pretty unique too. Instead of your traditional appetizer/entree format, they do “small plates” and “large plates.” They call it social dining. As in, things are made to be shared.

This of course presents a problem in that the food is so good you have no desire to share it, but that’s neither here nor there. The chef is the same genius behind Sego restaurant in Kanab. His unique fusion of flavors is second to none.

The biscuits are amazing and come with what’s probably the best butter we’ve ever tasted, as well as an amazing jam. The pork belly is great, as are the foraged mushrooms, soups and the guacamole with pita bread. Seriously, you can’t go wrong on any of the small plates.

The large plates are excellent as well. The steak is enormous and served right on the bone. It’s a spectacle to behold! They also fly their fish in fresh every day, so don’t hesitate to go for whatever the seafood special is when you go in.

And for dessert you do not want to pass up the pumpkin pie. Even if you don’t like pumpkin pie, you’ll fall in love with it. Everything really is fantastic and everyone we’ve taken here has loved the food.


This is a more upscale restaurant, and the service reflects that. Every server we’ve had is great. A couple have recognized us from previous visits as well, which is a nice personal touch. We’ve even been able to meet the owner who was happy to tell us all about the menu items. Top notch.


As you can imagine, this is a bit of a pricey restaurant. We’d recommend getting a small plate and large plate per person. That way you can share and sample a few things and have your own dinner as well.

If you go that route you’re still looking at $30+ per person though. So while that is pricey for St. George, it’s really not all that expensive. But if you want to indulge and try a lot of things you can easily run that bill past $50 per person. We’d say it’s worth it.


This is a very new building downtown. It’s inside the Advenire Hotel which is a more upscale, boutique type of place to stay. The decor is trendy and modern. The kitchen is somewhat open to look into which is a nice touch. We’ve never seen kids here so it’s fairly calm and quiet, but it is a hotel and they do have a kids menu, so there are chances it could get a little from time to time, but they do have a couple of individual rooms they can partition off if you need privacy.


Try Wood Ash Rye. Like, right now. Call in advance for reservations if you’re going for dinner as it fills up. We love this place so much that we did a staycation for our anniversary and got a room at the Advenire just so that we could have Wood Ash Rye for breakfast (it was great). There is a reason this is one of our absolute favorites. If you haven’t been, you’re really missing out.