Kabuto Sushi Restaurant Review

Japanese | St. George | $$

Kabuto Sushi

245 Red Cliffs Dr #11
St. George, UT 8470
(435) 879-3381
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Kabuto Sushi is a great new sushi restaurant located in the Promenade in St. George. The same owners also opened Slurpin Ramen Bar next door and the two actually share a kitchen.


We have frankly never seen a menu like Kabuto. There must be over 100 unique sushi rolls. It’s almost a bit overwhelming. The first time we went was with four other couples, and everyone got different rolls. We all loved what we got. The presentation is incredible, and you can watch them preparing it which is pretty cool.

Because they share a kitchen with Slurpin Ramen Bar, they have noodle dishes as well. Those are also good, but you have to try the sushi. Two we’ve liked are the Final Fantasy and the Linda. We’re not sure what goes into the naming or why one is named after a video game, but it tastes great and that’s what is important.


The first time we went was opening night and the service was very slow. However we went back to try other rolls a month later and things ran much more smoothly. As with most restaurants, it just takes a little time to get things figured out, which they’ve done.


As far as sushi rolls go, the prices are pretty fair. A similar type of restaurant in Seattle or San Francisco would be a lot more. Most rolls and dishes are in the $10 – $15 range.


They did a lot of renovation to the space that used to be occupied by another restaurant. It is very cool inside and has a great modern feel to it. It’s also in the same area as Durango’s and Pho, so there is the large shared outdoor dining area as well.


If you are a sushi lover and want to experience some authentic, fresh, unique sushi rolls, you must try Kabuto. The parking situation is never great as that’s a pretty crowded area, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s definitely worth it.