Cappeletti's Restaurant Review

Italian | St. George | $$


36 E Tabernacle St
St. George, UT 84770
(435) 986-4119
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Cappeletti’s is a long standing local favorite. We know several people who tell us this is their “go to” for date night, anniversaries, or any time they are looking for a more upscale dining experience.


Perhaps their most popular dish is the flat iron steak, certainly a must have if you go. While not always available as it is a special, the sea bass is also fantastic. For an appetizer we’ve only tried the mushroom gnocchi so far, but we liked it.

All the salads are very popular and tasty as well. If you stay for dessert, do not pass up the flourless chocolate cake. It is one of our favorite things we’ve ever had!


This is a more upscale restaurant, and the service definitely matches. Food is served warm and fresh in an expected amount of time. Servers are attentive and helpful. We’ve always had a great experience.


As a nicer restaurant, the prices are what you’d expect, but definitely more affordable than other upscale restaurants in town like Cliffside or Painted Pony. So you’ll still be looking at $15 – $40 for most menu items, that’s still very reasonable for what you get.


We’ve never taken our kids here, and from the times we’ve gone, neither has anyone else. It’s not that Cappeletti’s is not a family-friendly restaurant, it’s just that most parents don’t tend to bring kids to higher end places. So the atmosphere is generally quiet and peaceful. The decor is charming as well and there is a nice little outdoor patio area.


There is a reason Cappeletti’s is a favorite spot for so many. There’s a lot to like and nothing to dislike. If we had to knock them for anything it would probably be the parking situation. Out front there are very few spaces, so you usually have to go across the street in the parking garage. Not a big deal and totally worth it though!