The Best Restaurants In Southern Utah

Our absolute favorite places to eat

Of all our lists and guides, this is definitely the hardest to put together! We honestly love eating at so many restaurants in St. George, narrowing it down is really difficult for us. However, while so many restaurants are good or very good, only a handful truly blow us away. Here are our top picks as our favorite restaurants in Southern Utah.

Wood Ash Rye

This is a fantastic addition to downtown. The Advenire hotel was built and opened at the start of 2020, and Wood Ash Rye is the restaurant inside it. Because it is in a hotel, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and each one is amazing!

They embrace what they call social dining, that is, come in a group and share. Pass everything around for everyone to try. They just bring out what you order as soon as it’s ready regardless of what it is.

You can get small plates (like large appetizers) or large plates (like main entrees). We typically get one small plate and one large plate per person when we go. Everything we’ve tried has been excellent! Be sure to try the biscuits as they’re known for these large balls of goodness. Their butter and jam are second to none.

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Ask anyone who has lived in St. George for a while what their favorite restaurant is and you’ll probably hear Cappeletti’s. A lot of our favorites are relative new comers to the food scene in Southern Utah. But Cappeletti’s has been open for over 10 years now.

It’s a very charming restaurant with a nice little outdoor dining area as well. If you want Italian food, it’s your best bet. And it’s a little more upscale without being too fancy, so it’s a nice environment making it perfect for date night or celebrating anniversaries.

The flat iron steak is their most popular dish, and for good reason. If you’re lucky enough to catch the sea bass special give that a try as well. But most of all…do NOT forget dessert! The flourless chocolate cake is absolutely amazing!

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Viva Chicken

If you’re looking for a nice sit down place, Viva Chicken isn’t what you’re looking for. But we love coming here for a few reasons.

First, our kids are generally with us half the time, so we have to consider what they will actually eat. We also have to consider the atmosphere as we don’t want to drag them into a fine dining establishment to make a mess and cause a scene (they can get a little restless/wild).

Viva Chicken has a kids menu and is a very family friendly environment. So having something that works for everyone is huge.

Also, the food is pretty fantastic! You can get anything with or without chicken, and the house made sauces make any of their dishes better.

We’ve met the manager and taken a tour as well, and the cleanliness is incredible. They’ve even won a Silver award for how clean their restaurant and kitchen are (we didn’t ask who got the Gold).

We think it’s also very cool that if you buy a churro they donate food to needy kids. A business with a charitable purpose is always nice to see.

All around, Viva Chicken is a place you must try when in St. George. Read our complete review of Viva Chicken to learn more.

More coming soon when we’ve got the photos!