The Best Pizza In Southern Utah

See where to get amazing pizza options

You can never go wrong with pizza! Ok let’s be honest, you totally can. There’s a lot of bad pizza out there. But there’s a lot of good pizza out there as well. We’ve been to every pizza place in St. George and can tell you these are restaurants with great pizza! Here are our top picks.

700 Degree Pizza

Perhaps our favorite pizza we’ve ever had is the 700’s Roasted Peppers. It is fantastic and you just have to try it! All of their artisan pizzas are fantastic.

The only thing we’d change about 700 Degree Pizza is it’s location…and put it walking distance from our home. It’s very, very yummy.

Blaze Pizza

This one is a small chain that you’ll also find in Salt Lake City. It’s not your traditional pizzeria, but don’t let that keep you from trying it. Just imagine a Subway, but for pizza.

You choose the crust, the sauce, the toppings…all of it. It’s a very cool concept, and executed perfectly by Blaze Pizza. Another option in town that is similar is Pieology. But we’ve always preferred Blaze.

Pizza Factory

A St. George original! Pizza Factory has been in Ancestor Square downtown forever it seems. They also have locations in Pineview and off Sunset.

The pizza is great, but it’s more than just a pizzeria. They also have the Pasta Factory and offer some yummy pasta options as well. Pro tip- take your kid here for a birthday…they can make a pizza in the shape of their age!


Wood fired pizza done right! Riggatti’s is so good. You can sit down and enjoy it in Washington or grab take out downtown. Both locations are great.

They make their pizzas in the Neapolitan style with fresh dough daily. A while ago we noticed the service wasn’t too great in the Washington location, but shortly after ownership changed and the new management team has done an excellent job.