The Best Ice Cream In Southern Utah

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

One of our favorite treats to eat is ice cream! So naturally, we’ve tried literally every place in St. George that serves ice cream. There are actually quite a few options to choose from. When we’re craving a frozen treat, these are our top picks.

Alumni Creamery

The newly opened (as of 2021) Alumni Creamery enjoys two distinct advantages. First, it is located about two blocks from our home. And second…BYU creamery ice cream! And not only that, they have BYU creamery milk, fry sauce, brownies and more for sale inside.

Like they say, nothing tastes quite as good as nostalgia. As BYU grads, we’ve always loved BYU creamery ice cream. This is the perfect little neighborhood ice cream shop and the only brick and mortar location to carry BYU creamery ice cream.

Custom Cones

Before there was Alumni Creamery, there was Custom Cones. They were the first to bring BYU creamery ice cream to St. George. It’s always fun to stop in as their freshly baked homemade waffle cones smell amazing.

However, Custom Cones is a food truck, not a permanent location. And they aren’t always open. You can catch them in the same location every weekend, but you can’t get that ice cream fix any time you want it, which is a shame because the greatness of BYU creamery ice cream with the greatness of their homemade cones is magic.


Another relative newcomer to St. George is Handel’s. They make all the ice cream fresh on the spot which is amazing. As a result there are not just seasonal flavors but new ones just about every week which is very cool.

They also give you A LOT of ice cream. A single scoop (misnomer if ever there was one) is actually three scoops. It’s pretty funny to see our youngest kids struggle to eat a cone, often dropping their ice cream on the ground.

There isn’t much room inside, just enough to make a line, order and check out. You’ll have to eat outside which is a shame since there isn’t a place to sit or any tables of any kind. It’s a mild annoyance though as this ice cream is definitely worth checking out!

Red Barn

It’s hard to say exactly what it is about Red Barn that separates it from a generic ice cream shop like Baskin Robbins or Cold Stone, but we really like their ice cream. Home made ice cream is just better.

And not just home made…home made every day of the week. And with real cream. Pro tip- during the Fall you can also find their famous apple cider donuts, a perfect treat to pair with your ice cream.

Sweet Rolled Tacos

Fun is the name of the game! The first time we went to Sweet Rolled Tacos everyone in the family just loved watching them make the ice cream. They have freezing cold plates they pour the cream, toppings and flavors on, then as it freezes they roll it up and put it inside a taco shell shaped cone. They are truly one of a kind and something everyone should try.

Be warned though- this place can get very busy. And because each one is made on the spot, on busy weekends it can take 30 minutes or more to get your ice cream. Definitely check it out during the day if you can, or on a weeknight instead of a weekend and you’ll be fine. Plus during the holidays you might find Jack Skellington or Santa Clause hanging around!

Veyo Pool Resort

This one is off the beaten path. Veyo is a very small town about halfway between St. George and Enterprise. It is home to the famous Veyo Pies, and there is now a nice little resort just across the way from it.

The Veyo Pool Resort has a very fun pool and is located in a crawdad canyon, so fishing for them can be fun. The pool also has a grill that serves their signature dessert…a Veyo pie shake! They take a milkshake and blend an entire slice of Veyo pie right into it! It is certainly worth the trip to spend a day on an adventure in Veyo.


Technically Zeppe’s serves custard, but in our book that’s basically just ice cream. And it is good! Because Zeppe’s also has italian ice, you can get the custard plain or mixed with one of their italian ice flavors.

Either way you can’t go wrong. They also have a food truck in addition to their permanent location, so sometimes you might get lucky and spot them at an event.


Again, frozen custard and not ice cream. But so, so good! Plus they have an outdoor window you can walk up to and order to enjoy the weather (and ice cream) outside.

It seems like Nielsen’s has been here forever. There’s a good reason for that.