The Best Hot Chocolate In Southern Utah

See where to get your hot cocoa fix

Hot chocolate is quite possibly the greatest thing about the holiday season. For a few magical months it becomes socially acceptable to have as much chocolate as you want, as long as it is in drink form. It doesn’t get much better than that. And when it comes to hot chocolate in St. George, it doesn’t get much better than these top picks.


The best part of this hot chocolate might be what’s on top. Xetava uses real, home made cream on top of their hot cocoa. Nothing pairs with hot chocolate quite like the perfect cream, and they have as near the perfect cream as we have found. Give it a try!

Bear Paw

Little known fact- although the hot chocolate here is excellent and loaded with yummy cream, they also have a lesser known drink…hot vanilla! It’s also very good, with cinnamon and nutmeg included. Give them both a try!

25 Main

The makers of one of the best cupcakes in town strike again with some of the best hot chocolate in town. 25 Main is a very fun place to eat, and they do a great job with all their food. The hot chocolate is no different.


Even if their hot chocolate was bad (it isn’t), we’d buy it for the presentation alone! Who doesn’t appreciate a fun pattern in their drink? We’ve heard you can do all sorts of drink customizations at the Crepery, and we’re definitely going to try that with the hot chocolate next time. Shot of mint anyone?

Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros only barely arrived in St. George in 2020. And we’re glad they did! Their hot chocolate is very yummy as it’s literally just chocolate milk that’s been heated up. How good is that?

And while it does come out scalding hot like most drink places, they also serve it as a kids menu item. The thing is, it’s exactly the same drink, just warm instead of hot. So if you want to give it a try quickly and have no time to let it cool down, just ask for it warm and enjoy!


Fiiz is a popular drink spot, and for good reason. Made in the mold of Swig, they perpetually have a line. But that line seems just a little longer in the winter, and the hot chocolate is certainly a reason why.


Not a lot of people know that Maverick has hot chocolate, but they do! And it’s pretty good. Best of all, it’s the most affordable option on our list. It’s also the most convenient considering there seems to be a Maverick on every corner.


Splash already has one of our favorite treats with their edible cookie dough. Match that up with a hot chocolate to drink and you’re in treat heaven!


As you’d expect, the pioneer in drive-thru drinks makes a good hot chocolate. They also have seasonal cookies that go really well with it!