Best Family Friendly Restaurants In Southern Utah

Our favorite places where both kids and parents like to eat

Family-friendly is just code for “my kids will actually eat something and not bug everyone around us.” We know. We’ve been there. In fact, most of our dining adventures include our kids. So we’ve had to figure out which places have kid menus and won’t mind a few little ones running laps around the table. Our primary concerns here are food the kids will actually eat, getting it out as quickly as possible, and an atmosphere that’s loud enough that our kids won’t stand out in a bad way. With all that in mind, here are our top picks for family friendly restaurants.

Mad Pita

Dare we say best fries in town? Ok we said it…Mad Pita has probably got the best fries in Southern Utah. We love them, and our kids sure do too. Mad Pita is a very cute little place by the Pineview theater that serves Mediterranean food.

So as far as food goes, think hummus, gyros, falafel and other Mediterranean staples. Everything is very good and our kids tend to eat well there. It’s also quick service and not sit down, so a few crazy kids don’t create a scene. But if they do there is also outdoor patio dining, so that’s always a nice touch.

Viva Chicken

First of all, Viva Chicken is a clean, healthy restaurant. That’s always a huge plus when you don’t just want to throw burgers, chicken nuggets and french fries at the little ones.

It’s also open concept seating, so it’s pretty much always a little bit loud in there. Kids blend in fine.

The food always comes out very quickly which we love when anxious kids are trying to wait patiently for their dinner. And the kids menu is nice.

Pro tip- try the green beans as a side. They are the best we’ve ever had, and if you want to get your kids to like vegetables it’s a good way. If your kids hate them don’t get mad at us. It was worth a shot.

More coming soon as we get the photos!