Southern Utah is home to a fantastic local food scene. Most of the restaurants are located in St. George, but there are plenty of great places in Springdale outside Zion National Park, as well as surrounding cities like Washington, Hurricane, Santa Clara and Ivins. For the best dining guides, restaurant reviews and information on the local food scene, look no further than the original local foodie. Since 2014, STG_Eats has been covering Southern Utah’s restaurant community, with announcements of new arrivals, reviews of restaurants and dining guides to all the local favorites. If you want the trusted opinion of the original, local foodie of Southern Utah, then read on!



If you are a restaurant owner and looking to announce a new location or do a giveaway, please reach out and we’d love to help! If you have a tip to share about a new restaurant coming to town, please share it with us so we can get the word out! Or if you have any other questions, suggestions or other feedback, be sure to let us know!

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We’re Michele and Dan, residents of St. George since 2010. What we started as an Instagram (@stg_eats) hobby in 2014 has now become the number one source of dining news, reviews, and giveaways in Southern Utah!

The St. George metro area, and by extension all of Washington County and Greater Zion, has been growing rapidly. With that growth have come tons of new restaurants, including mom and pop shops, chains, food trucks and more!

As the original local foodie account, our mission at St. George Eats is to be in the know when it comes to eating out in St. George, Washington, Hurricane, Springdale, Laverkin, Santa Clara, Ivins and everywhere else in Southern Utah. If you’re looking for dining recommendations, reviews, guides and lists, then you’re in the right place.

And you know you can trust the opinion of real, local foodies who have lived in St. George for over 10 years. These aren’t anonymous reviews and ratings, or the random opinions of some travel site writer who visited one time.

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Whether you’re from Southern Utah, relocating here or just stopping by, St. George Eats is THE online resource for researching the best places to eat.